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Monday, July 21, 2008

When It's at Night

: 밤이면 밤마다 / When It’s At Night
Also known as: Everyday Night / When Night Comes
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Episodes: 17
Released Date: Unknown

Kim Bum Sang is a arts scholar who is crazy about virgins and is a supervisor of property assets. Heo Cho Hwi is a 29 year old woman who is always mistaken as someone who is crafty because of her natural-born sexiness. The story will be about how these two cross paths and how their chance meeting will cause turmoil for the both of them.

Kim Sun Ah / Heo Cho Hwi
Lee Dong Gun / Kim Bum Sang
Kim Jung Hwa / Wang Joo Hyun
Lee Joo Hyun / Kang Shi Wan

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